Utah Concealed Carry Permit Classes

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Utah Concealed Carry permit

When seconds count…Cops are minutes away…!

Be careful of Instructors that want to teach this course at cheap or discounted prices. This is the minimum standard of training required by Utah to be able to carry a firearm concealed. As such a lot of Instructors treat this course as if it’s not very important. Thus the discounted price.

Or they don’t think their time is worth anything. If they can’t fill a class and have to discount their price. You have to ask yourself why? Obviously they don’t respect their time or think their class is worth very much.  If that’s the case do you really think they’ll respect your time?

This is not an attempt to bad mouth other instructors. There are some really good ones out there. But how can you discern the good from the bad? Someone who has the knowledge and cares about training will not discount their time or yours. This is an observation made over 10 years of teaching firearms classes.

Please don’t take this course from someone who is barley qualified or doesn’t care about their time. Experience is not free and there is no substitute for it.

This is not a sales pitch. It is a plea and a call to action. Because you never know when your going to need your firearm. And the last thing we want is to be standing next to someone who took a cheap Utah CCW class. Who isn’t really trained and we or other innocent bystanders get shot because they were not prepared and panicked.

Carrying a Firearm is serious business. You need to get the facts and laws taught to you from experienced instructors who have the knowledge and first hand experience that you can only get in the REAL WORLD. Pulling the trigger is only the start of your fight. What comes after can be a very scary and costly experience. Get trained by people who know and care.

Our Utah CCW class is designed to not only teach you all of Utah’s laws (which you are required to know). But also to teach you what you don’t know or haven’t thought about. The mental bridges you need to cross. The consequences for making a wrong decision. What to do and what to say after the trigger is pulled. The absolute need for continued training. So your ready for the un- known and un-perdictable.

We want all our neighbors to be “Trained Armed and Aware”. So we are all safer.

We have classes weekly or We can come to you to teach this class..!

Get 4 or more people together and we will come to you to teach this class, On your schedule. Utah’s CCW permit is one of the most widely accepted permit in the nation. It is honored in 39 States. Our class includes all photo’s, finger prints and everything you will need to complete The application process. All you’ll have to do after the class is mail it in. Cost is $50 per person. And you can always retake our class as many times as you want for free. So you can keep your skills sharp. Just bring us a new student each time you’d like to retake our class.

With the crazy direction this country is taking lately, Don’t put this off any longer. Get your permit so you can protect the ones you love.

Gift Certificates available (call for details)

Contact Matt to set up a class.

E-mail – Mattk77@msn.com

Cell – 801-390-2330

States that DO NOT currently Honor the Utah Permit (as of May 2015) :  All other states honor the Utah Permit.

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